Nutmeg Wood Pellets is an alternative Fuel retailer that delivers Wood Pellets throughout CT.


New for 2012, Nutmeg Wood Pellets is also offering Bio Bricks, Eco Blocks and Coal.


Nutmeg Wood Pellets offers a wide selection of wood pellets delivered in Connecticut.
At this time, we do not have a pick-up facility. All orders taken are delivered to your home. Call Nutmeg Wood Pellets for
the best selection of wood pellets for sale in CT.

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Platinum Fire
Super Premium

Geneva Pellets
Super Premium

Barefoot Pellets
Super Premium

Trebio Pellets
Super Premium

Cubex Pellets

Country Boy "White Lightning"
Super Premium

Blaschak Coal
Rice, Pea, Nut, Stove Sizes

Eco Blocks
For Wood Stoves

Bio Fuel Bricks
For Wood Stoves

Did you know....?

Nutmeg Wood Pellets delivers seven days per week?  Please call us today and see for yourself why many pellet stove owners are switching over to Nutmeg Wood Pellets.

We Make This So Easy!



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